Michael Baturin

Michael Baturin

US Outreach and Visibility Coordinator


Michael Baturin is from Camp Hill, PA and connected immediately with Arsel and the Harmony Baseball Academy due to Arsel's deep enthusiasm for playing the game of baseball, an enthusiasm shared by Michael. Michael's love for playing the game of baseball and a desire to spread it in its truest form to youths in Cameroon who are similarly enthusiastic about playing the game and who would benefit greatly from the opportunity to play it, is what drew Michael to help out the Harmony Baseball Academy

"Working with Arsel has been inspirational. He is an extraordinary person with a passion to bring baseball to Cameroon. I love his energy and enthusiasm!"

Doug Kintop

Doug Kintop

Web development and maintenance


Doug is a software developer in Pittsburgh, PA who specializes in web development and is currently seeking employment opportunities.

"I became involved with Harmony Baseball Academy after seeing a call to action post made by coach Arsel on linkedin. I felt compelled to help in some way and after learning that he did not have a website, I couldn't resist! After working directly with coach Arsel, he has taught me that investing in people can be incredibly rewarding, and I am honored to have been given the chance to be involved."

Bill Franciscus

Bill Franciscus



Global Ambassador for the African Youth Development Foundation, Founder and President of BASEBALL 4 LIFE non profit organization, Director of Baseball Operations and GM for USA Military WARDOGSBaseball.org, Director of Baseball Operations and Player Development for WE#21 www.we21.org, Pres. USA All-Star Baseball Association, Baseball Without Borders and Global Instructional Baseball League, Commissioner of the Cuban Sports League.

"If you're not giving, you're not living"

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